H.C. Arnold, Ph.D.

H.C. Arnold is an Associate Faculty of Humanities at Riverside City College and Moreno Valley College in Southern California. He has a Ph.D. from The Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts and a M.F.A. from Claremont Graduate University. His areas of focus are: 20th century and postmodern art, conceptualism (including proto- and post-conceptual practices),
counterculture aesthetics, interdisciplinary practices, and post-structuralism. 

He has published several articles on contemporary graffiti and recently presented on Brazil's unique street art culture at Brown University's Reuse Reconsidered Conference. 

H.C. Arnold was retweeted by Richard Prince and had coffee with David Byrne.

Current Projects

Anti-Establishings: The Philosophies of Contemporary Graffiti

This text is a theoretical study of contemporary graffiti. Rethinking the history of this illegal activity through the lenses of poststructuralism and continental philosophy, I examine how the ideological shifts to Postmodernism and Globalism that appear in the visual arts starting in the 1950s motivated graffiti artists. Comparing these desires to challenge the supremacy of Modernism within both graffiti and fine art, Anti-Establishings creates a series of parallels between the two based on their deconstruction of the artwork, the artist, and the exhibition space. I conclude that contemporary graffiti is a pluralistic aesthetic that denies a singular agenda. It continually promotes its eradication from public space and seeks to create an awareness of this absence.  

Michael Brewster Archive and Catalogue Raisonne

When the pioneering sonic artist Michael Brewster passed away in 2016, he left behind almost five decades of work. Known for developing the idea of an “acoustic sculpture,” Brewster blurred the boundaries between the ocular and the auditory while redefining ideas about installation art.

Since January of 2017, I have been leading a small team of archivists as we compile Brewster’s catalogue raisonné. Over the next several years, I will be working with the art critic David Pagel and others to curate several posthumous shows of Brewster’s work. I plan to author a monograph during this time as well.   

*Upcoming "Gone in a Flash: The Camera as a Tool for Making Graffiti," presented at: PhotoHistory/PhotoFuture, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY, April 20-22 2018

“Ghosts of the Jungle in Streets of São Paulo: How Graffiti recovers Brazil’s Past,” presented at: Reuse Reconsidered, Brown University, Providence, RI, Sept 15-17 2017

Work History

-Associate Faculty of Humanities, Riverside Community College District
-Art Critic for Art and Cake 

-Adjunct, Associate Professor of Art, Austin Community College
-Art Critic for The Austin Chronicle and Glasstire


Survey 2 Art History

A survey of Western art from the late Gothic era to today. 

20th Century and contemporary art history

A survey of modern art focusing on the development of its major trends and movements.

Art theory and criticism

A study of the philosophies and ideas behind aesthetics ranging from the ancient Greeks to today. 

Counterculture aesthetics

An examination of arts often excluded from traditional art history with an emphases on modern and contemporary social groups and how they choose to aesthetically represent themselves. 

Visual Culture and literacy

An introduction to the different forms of visual culture including fine art and mass media incorporating both Western and non-Western sources. 

Survey 1 art history

A survey of Western art and non-Western art from the Prehistoric era to the late Gothic era.

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